Giving Testimonials on BNI Connect

Benefits of Testimonials:

We often give testimonials in BNI during the last part of meeting.

Our challenge this month is to take this a step further in two ways:

  1. When giving a testimonial in the chapter, focus on ONE member
  2. Follow up with a written testimonial on BNI Connect

What happens when you give a testimonial?

  • Establishes your credibility in front of potential customers & members, especially new members, visitors/guests.
  • It reassures the potential client that this product or service has been tested and works great.
  • Indirectly providing potential referrals to your fellow BNI members to help grow their business. Testimonials influence our actions and choices.
    BNI members are more apt to use another BNI member even if in a different chapter.
  • High quality testimonials will attract high value clients – the ones you desire.

Guidelines in giving a testimonial

When giving a testimonial to the speaker or another member in BNI, there are 3 basic elements (from bni podcast 176 and ,

  1. Focus on one person – much more powerful than a list of the people you have used in BNI
  2. Be specific – what makes the members services so good – “specific is terrific”.
    Were they understanding? Patient? Effective? Flexible? How did they solve a need or problem?
    People connect and relate to emotion
    What were some of the doubts or difficulties you were facing before? How did you feel after?
  3. Whenever possible, make it a first person endorsement

How to give testimonial on BNI connect:

  1. Log in to (has to be on desktop version)
  2. Go to Network>Connections>Find the member>write your testimonial
    Keep it short.
    You might want to let the member know that you wrote a testimonial for them.

To view testimonials:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Network>Connections>Find the member>View profile>View testimonials icon

Chapter Challenge:
Think about any members who you have either done business with yourself, or have referred someone to, and give/write a testimonial.

  1. At end of our meetings, during referral and testimonial time, focus one member .
  2. Check and provide a short, sincere testimonial, using the guidelines mentioned above.
    (Don’t hesitate to request testimonials).

Check back on 23rd, and see how full our profiles are.
*To view other members testimonials, you have to view on BNI Connect, and you have to establish a connection with that member.
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